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Belazu Vegan 'Nduja
Belazu Vegan 'Nduja
Belazu Vegan 'Nduja

    Belazu Vegan 'Nduja


    This rich and vibrant vegan ‘Nduja spread from Belazu will blow you away with its flavour and heat.

    Put it on everything – especially pizza! Inspired by the traditional ‘nduja, a spicy pork spread, this vegan version is a delicious combination of navy beans and peppers. Add heat and flavour to sandwiches, enhance sauces and soups, mix with pastas and spice up veggie.

    With the rise of veganism, we now have the perfect vegan substitute for the classic 'nduja, with a rich and hot blend of calabrian chillies and sweet peppers, that pay close attention to classic characteristics.


    • Sprinkle on to pizza as a topping
    • Coat vegetables and roast for a spicy kick
    • Perfect as a base for a vegan ragu
    • As a cooking paste to add heat to a recipe
    • As a filling for sandwiches



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