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Sorella is a gourmet boutique & online shop

Sorella is a gourmet boutique located in Kirkland, Qc, an online shop with a curated selection of fine foods from all over the world and a community of foodies who come together to create, share and inspire.


Sorella is a gourmet
boutique & online shop

Sorella is a gourmet boutique with both a brick-and-mortar shop in Kirkland, QC and an online store. We offer a curated selection of fine foods from all over the world, proudly serving and inspiring a community of foodies who come together to create, share, and enjoy.

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An Italian tradition to be enjoyed with your loved ones this Holiday season. Discover our wide variety of this artisanal sweet bread made with premium ingredients.

From Our Kitchen

Small kitchen, small-batch cooking. We know there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, so all of our recipes are made using fresh, delicious, high-quality ingredients. Pass by and pick up a weeknight meal for the family, a quick gourmet lunch, a scratch-made soup (none of that instant stuff!), crave-worthy baked goods, or a delicious salad!

Monthly menu: We’re constantly getting inspired by new ingredients, so our menu changes on a monthly basis. Craving something specific?
Contact us – we’ll happily be your personal chef.

Our soup menu changes weekly!

November 27th - December 2nd

M: Vegetable potage (vegan / GF)
T: Pasta Fagioli (vegetarian)
W: Thaï lentil soup (vegan / GF)
T: Beef & Barley
F: Carrot & Cauliflower (vegan / GF)
GF- Gluten-Friendly (may contain traces)




Sorella's meat lasagna

Roasted vegetable lasagna (vegetarian)

Chicken parmigiana

Eggplant Parmigiana (vegetarian)

Eggplant lasagna & bolognese sauce (GF)

Shepherd's pie (GF)

Lamb stew with vegetables

Balsamic glaze chicken with rosemary roasted potatoes (GF)

Pumpkin risotto (vegetarian / GF)

Sausage skillet with sweet potato & apples (GF)

Butternut squash dhal with lentils & apples (vegan / GF)

FOR 2   FOR 4

18.99    36.99

18.99    34.99

15.99    29.99

18.99    34.99

18.99    34.99

18.99    36.99

21.99    39.99

19.99    36.99

18.99    34.99

18.99    34.99

17.99     34.99


4$ / 8oz   -   6$ / 16oz   -   12$ / 32oz

KALE, BROCCOLI & crunchy veggies, honey-mustard vinaigrette

GREEK ORZO with vegetables, feta cheeses, olives, mint & our
house greek dressing

BEET & APPLE (vegan), wholegrain mustard & maple syrup vinaigrette

CHICK PEA & SUMMER VEGETABLES (vegan) with black olives, vegetables & fresh herbs

PESTO FARFALLE & cherry tomatoes (vegan)

MEXICAN CORN SALAD with black beans, crunchy veggies, lime, cilantro & chili

KALE, QUINOA & CRANBERRY salad, orange zest dressing

CAPRESE PASTA SALAD, fennel, bocconcini, chick peas, balsamic dressing

COUSCOUS TABOULÉ salad, parsley, tomato, red onions, fresh mint, sumac, lemon

ARTICHOKES & HEARTS OF PALM, sundried tomatoes, peppers, olives, basil

ASIAN SALAD, broccoli, cabbage, sesame dressing and crispy ramen


Chicken cranberry croissant $8.99
chicken salad, dried cranberries, mayo, lettuce

Meatlover $9.99
brioche bun, prosciutto, salami, ham, spicy soppressata, provolone, mayo, lettuce

Chicken Club $9.99
multigrain bread, grilled chicken, tomato, bacon, mayo, lettuce

Italian $8.99
ciabatta, prosciutto, salami, bocconcini, basil pesto

Chicken Cutlet Burger $9.99
brioche bun, chicken cutlet, tomato, mayo, lettuce

Roasted Veggies $8.99
olive bread, aïoli, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, feta cheese

Cuban $7.99
onion poppy seed bun, ham, swiss cheese, dill pickles, mayo, baseball mustard, lettuce $7.99

Spicy Tuna $9.99
brioche bun, tuna salad, cheddar, spicy mayo

Calabrese $8.99
ciabatta, aïoli, provolone, spicy soppressata, salami, lettuce


Ham & Cheese Croissant $8.99
croissant, ham, swiss cheese, dijonnaise

Hawaiian $8.99
brioche bun, ham, swiss, pineapple, honey-mustard, lettuce

Rustique $8.99
olive bread, smoked turkey, provolone, roasted red peppers, spinach, pesto-mayo

Egg Salad $8.99
ciabatta, egg salad, paprika, mayo, lettuce

California Vegan $8.99
multigrain bread, sundried tomato pesto, tofu, marinated roasted red pepper, spinach, basil

Turkey Apple $7.99
turkey, apple, dijon, spinach, swiss, lettuce, Mike's hot honey

chicken Cesar $7.99
grilled chicken, bacon, romaine, cesar dressing

Miami Vegetarian $6.99
tofu spread, chopped cabbage, romaine, roasted red peppers